B-1102 lesmill Exercise bike

B-1102 is a Belt Drived exercise bike
Default Yellow; Red, blue, green available
Stainless Steel material




Does the price of in this shop really?

The price is just for your reference, show which one high and which one low, for accurate price please login firstly, add all your favorite products to cart, then submit RFQ.

We will offer best price according the gym products code and quantity, You will get reply in 24 hours by email.

How many pieces of gym machine I should buy?

1. buy as trial order

we can not offer a accurate quantity, but here is example for your reference.

[supsystic-tables id=19]

A: buy one treadmill from Haswell fitness: ONE treadmill occupy nearly 2CBM, will cost 90 USD from our factory to ocean port, plus the clear customs fee in China, you will pay additional 150 USD or more beside treadmill EXW price.

B: buy 20 pieces treadmill from us, just a 20 inch container,  will cost 600 USD from our factory to ocean port, plus the clear customs fee in China, you will pay additional 700-800 USD for 20 pcs, then the average cost just no more than 30 USD for each one beside treadmill EXW price.

all in all, buy a sample will cost 120 USD more than wholesale, it was caused by shipping but not as profit of haswell fitness.

2. Want to know how many pieces gym machine to chock up you gym?

the formula  is

quantity = square meters / 8

click here to calculate it!

When should I place order to haswell fitness?

It is up on when you gym will opening, just place order to us 3-4 months earlier than it.

We’ve prepared a Date calculator to help you, please click here to use it.

What’s the difference between your products and big brands like Technogym, life fitness, Matrix etc?

You will some differences in details if put two similar machines together to compare, from steel tube to screws in every parts;

However we believe what buyers really care is: does the machine working well and how many years it can service?

The gym facilities we listing here are qualified products after compared dozens of gym machine lines, its life time is 5-10 years if machine was kept maintained periodically generally speaking.

we have to remind buyers who pursuit perfect details that please fly to China to before you place an order, see products with your eyes and touch it with your hands, it is the best way to both you and us. Haswell Fitness offer good quality fitness products but not artwork, you were not expected to be censorious to these gym facilities, for example the width of pad on gym bench, the barbell support position in Olympic chest press bench, or the tiny chromatism of two machines etc.

What’s the warranty?

12-14 months to most products, but attention please, this warranty does not including the shipping cost and additional fees like liquidated damages, clear customs fee and import VAT tax, all these fee maybe higher than the value of your products; in another words you get the same after-service like buyer in China domestic market with additional 2 months;

For instance you found one machine frame was damaged when receive container, its hard to judge caused by shipping company or factory; that is why we strongly recommend you buy a shipment insurance, meanwhile we could offer a free of charge replacement in next order if you allow, or return 20%~80% money of that machine to you, why half? Because you are not going to send the broken one to us considering various cost. You’d better buy fitness equipment from your local market if you cannot accept this term which is Non-negotiable, and followed by mostly Chinese suppliers.

We believe rarely seller will tell you above details; we sincerely want to be your friend, and offer truly help to you, meanwhile get reasonable profit in the right way.

Any complain required proof support, therefor please prepare related photo and video before contact us, we can do nothing with only complain words; Install monitoring in gym was suggested if your local law and manners / customs allow .

Why the background of your photos looks chaos?

We show real live photos here since veridical shows the real details of gym products, and products update frequently, we have no enough time to take new photo all with professional camera and edit photo with Photoshop. our Flickr show more live photos.

Can I visit your gym equipment factories?

Welcome! we will show you our gym and factories.