commercial gym machine from China Haswell fitness

Parameter-of-haswell-MT2-Serial-matrix-G7-bodybuilding-equipment-from-china.jpg1)Frame Tube200 × 50 × 2.5 mm as frame and 50 × 100 × 3.00 mm steel tube as joint
2)Motion Tube50 × 100 × 3.0 mm
3)Head / CapsMolded Made 2 layers fashion design
4)Guide RodSolid Stainless Steel.
5)Shiedsmolded acrylic, multi-colors for selection
6)Weight stackcold drawn steel, +5 kgs increment; with Molded made Magnetic Pin.
7)Cable7 × 19 construction steel fiber inside, 4.2 mm inner diameter
8)PulleyAluminum body with steel core
9)CamsNylon cutted by plasma-arc
10)SeatsMolded Made ergonomic seats
11)Seats adjustor4-Axis with colorful Aluminum cover.
12)Hand Gripsergonomic rubber coated grip, dozens colors.
13)FootholdsCorrugated steel plates with skid-resistance rubber cover.
14)Hardware/ScrewStainless Bolts and screws, perfect in details.

1. 200×50×2.5 mm steel tube as frame offer stable and strong base, dozens colors available
2. Ergonomic Rubber coated handle, dozens colors available
3. Acrylic shields, dozens colors available
4. Steel weight stack, 5kg increment, additional counter available; Adjustable cable length and stainless solid rod;
5. Mold made ergonomic seat and cushion, more stable and tough; Leather upholstery, dozens colors available;
6. 4.2 mm diameter steel cable, 7*19 steel inside
7. High strength Aluminum pulley offer 10 years lifetime at least
8. Modern seats adjustment system, 4 deluxe Aluminum Alloy Axis,
9. Stainless bolts and screws.

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Body Training Equipment MT2205 Prone Leg Curl

MT2205 is a Prone Leg Curl workout equipment

  1. Dimension (H*W*L): 173*111*132 cm
  2. Default Stack Weight:100 KGS (220LBS);
  3. Default Total Weight: 298 kgs
  4. Default Frame color: Black
  5. Default Leather for cushion and seats: brown

Body Training Equipment MT2207 Seated Leg Curl

MT2207 is a Seated Leg Curl bodybuilding equipment

  1. Dimension (H*W*L): 141*118*130 cm
  2. Default Stack Weight:90 KGS (198LBS);
  3. Default Total Weight: 266 kgs
  4. Default Frame color: Black
  5. Default Leather for cushion and seats: brown