MT1 line workout machine was proved stable and easy to use in the past years, drag and release seats adjustment was adopted to replace hydraulic pressure asistance for more stable.

details of MT1000 gym equipment from haswell fitness

1)Frame Tube89 × 89 × 2.5 mm round tube, the most stable construction
2)Motion Tube50 × 100 × 2.5 mm
3)Head / CapsMolded Made 2 layers fashion design
4)Guide RodSolid Steel.
5)Shiedsmolded acrylic, multi-colors for selection
6)Weight stackcold drawn steel, +5 kgs increment; with Molded made Magnetic Pin.
7)Cable7 × 19 construction steel fiber inside,
4.2 mm inner diameter
8)PulleyNylon body with steel core
9)CamsNylon cutted by plasma-arc
10)SeatsHand Made
11)Seats adjustorPull & Release
12)Hand GripsEVA
13)FootholdsRiffled plate
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