Haswell plate load machines & Gym Equipment offers the smooth, accurate path of motion for body exercise. With well-designed ergonomic structure, It is the essential workout machine for most commercial gym and fitness club; Cooperating with trustful manufacturers in China, Haswell-Fitness proceed strictly quality control plan, in both producing and QC steps, so as to provide reliable quality, precise and durable plate-loaded gym equipment for sale to globally gym owners.

Compare to the exercise machine, which selects weight with a magnetic pin, the plate loaded gym machines save time for the club owner, need not change the cable, apply lubricating oil periodically; meanwhile much safer than free weights to beginners. Haswell plate-loaded fitness equipment bridge the gap between pin loaded excise equipment and free weights training perfectly.

China Haswell TK4 line workout machine, including 16 pieces as basic configuration for small gyms, meanwhile, hammer strength plate-loaded gym machines, exist more than 50 pieces for offer professional exercise experience for advanced users, for example, incline chest press machine, decline chest press bench, and flat chest press equipment, will make your pectoralis major strong in all directions, but not from just one angle; Although HT2 line only exist 12 pieces machines, it is a 3D movement gym machine, suit to well-trained athlete or professional bodybuilder, this free maintenance weight plate equipment keeps trainer always in the right position to get the best training effect.

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