Running machine without motor, Haswell curved deck treadmill cheaper than speedfit and woodway with same top quality.

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Greenjog Curved Treadmill

T-500 serial is a curved treadmill, which adopts an elastic rubber arc running deck, crawler running belt lamination technology. this power free treadmill not only save energy but also free maintenance.

T-500 serials treadmill not available from April 1 2019, after sale support service of this curved treadmill will stop till March 31th, 2020

If you need similar alternative crawler running machine please refer to the light and pro version skillmill.

T601 Skillmill 07 front view

T601 Skillmill 07 front view



Skillmill Treadmill

Skillmill Treadmill is a heavy duty revolutionary workout running machine for commercial purpose, skillmill vs treadmill owns benefits like save energy, allow users sprint extremely speed by hold the bracket, suit to fitness club, exercise center, National sports team, especially a great training tool to track and field athlete, features of T601 Pro as follow

  • 8 levels resistance adjustment by rotary knob
  • Aluminum alloy non-slip surface for side foot rail for Pro Version
  • Curved arch deck as width as 480 mm, it adopt the gravity to run, power free to move,
  • meter powered by 2 dry battery 7#, this running machine does not spontaneous electric
  • meter shows Calories, speed, time etc.
  • with endurable and moderate rubber strip protect runners joint injury;
  • Subversive human body supports allow users simulate 100-meter sprint / dash, Max reach 35 Km/h, means max 9.72 m/s, minimum 10.29 s for 100 m; accurate speed is subject to users strength and body weight.
  • Price of this skillmill not high since made in China with 12 month quality warranty, forget to buy used skillmill technogym today.

Please try to buy these running machine from local market or have a look is there used skillmill for sale in your location, if you just need 1-2 pcs, since the final amount will be much more higher than FOB price (1.3~3 times) after plus ocean freight fee and customs duty and vat tax, it is not suitable to personal users.

Lite version skillmill and simple curve treadmill also available as follow.