This online store prepared for whom?

  1. You are welcome to visit this online store no matter you are a gym owner, distributor or personal coach, especially welcome people who plan to open a gym starting his / her gym business, here we will help you to learn how much you will invest in the part of commercial gym equipment ;
    however we suggest buyer purchase gym equipment from your local market if your budget no more than 5000 USD since the average price will not lower too much because of prime cost of exporting, it including but not only
    • clear customs in China,
    • warehouse entrance fee,
    • your aim port clearance fee,
    • shipping cost,
    • custom duty and vat taxes in your aim port,
  2. The final price to abroad buyer will be 1.3 ~ 2.5 times than the FOB price base on your location / country generally speaking.
  3. The suggested minimum amount is 5,000.00 USD, and it will be better if exceed 20,000.00 USD.
  4. you were encouraged to finish inquiry in this shop rather than send Email to us, because of international trading terms are complicated and time lag.

Terms and Conditional for your Account

  1. You will be asked register an account with Email and verify the Email address before see price, Please to verify your Email address for active your account, check the Activation message from the inbox & trash once you finish register.
  2. Please fulfill the form in checkout page with real information so that we could offer accurate price, or we can not make any meaningful progress.
  3. You will not pay in this shop, therefore need not to worry about the security of your account and money.
  4. You private information will be kept secrect, we will not show your Email or any other information to others.
  5. You could unsubcribe our newsletter if do not need it more, we will not discturb you once get your notice.
  6. Welcome clients who have got products from us share photos of your gym in this website, you will get additional discount in next order.