“It is my 1st time fly to China”, we often hear this from different clients every year; Many abroad clients take dozens hours and thousands dollars fly to China for buy gym products and exam factories of fitness equipment, however since the language and culture difference, some of them experienced a not good time and waste money, haswell fitness list some useful tips here wish to help you save time / money and keep a good situation.


Could you help me to get a Visa

Yes if you just need a Invitation Letter.

Sorry, if you wanna a business Visa, because this flow cost more time than tourist visa and may be you will be asked to pay security deposit to our government for example 3000 USD, although they will return it to you.

Is that safe in China?

Yes! China is one of most safe countries in the world!

Dangerous articles such as firearms, ammunition, knives, inflammable objects or materials, and explosives are strictly prohibited to both public and private traffic

A client from abroad told us, “I thought soldiers hold gun are everywhere in China, but I found actually not after reach here! China city just like New York, Dubai or other modern cities!”.

Well, we have to say time flies, and you can walk around in mid-night safely in most cities of China even you are a pretty girl, thanks to hard work of police.

more comments from foreigners https://www.quora.com/How-safe-is-China

When is the best time for me to fly to China?

From April to June and Oct to Nov are the best time, not too hot, nor cold. Attention the high speed train in the most popular traffic method, not by plane in China.

Please avoid below periods

  1. China Spring Festival, the biggest holiday for Chinese, e.g. Feb. 16, 2018; Chinese new year sees the largest annual mass migration of people on the planet. It is very hard to get a train tickets at that time, and most factories running abnormal.
  2. April 24 ~ May 10, too many people will go out for travel after a long winter.
  3. Sep. 23 ~ Oct. 10, China National day, usually 7 days vocation, you can not get train tickets easily.

Any helpful link / APP share?

  1. Booking tickets of plane Train and hotel  https://www.trip.com/?locale=en_US
  2. Free wifi
  3. VPN:  Betternet is a free VPN service that requires no registration and allows you to access almost any website in any country., for visit google / facebook / whatsApp which were banned in China .
  4. TripAdvisor is probably the most popular travel app in the world.
  5. WeChat is a text and voice messaging communication service similar to and better than WhatsApp.
  6. CityMaps2Go offers many city maps that are available offline.

thanks to https://www.saporedicina.com/english/best-apps-travel-china/

What should I attend to avoid in China?

  • Do not believe things or business seems you will win a big lottery.
  • Do not try to fighting with anyone unless your security is under threat, call 110 to seek help from policeman if necessary.
  • Do not try to comments what you see with dirty / insulting talk, you do not know which one around speaking your language, be a gentleman / lady .
  • Thieves also exist in China, keep your docs and money safe.
  • Call 120 for Ambulance.
  • You need not to pay tip to waiter / waitress in most restaurants, this is not our culture, just say “thank you”, they will happy.

How many China dollar CHY/RMB I should prepare before fly to China?

Well, food plus hotel will cost 300-500 CHY/DAY, and train nearly 1 CHY/KM, if you just visit us from Shanghai or Beijing 3 days is enough and will cost no more than 3000 CHY, nearly 450USD. We suggest double your budget if possible.

You’d better exchange enough China Dollar (CHY , old name RMB) before you board a plane, supposing you found without enough CHY in China, tell your Chinese supplier earlier so that they can arrange route in time, leave enough time take you to bank, since usually only 1 or 2 banks can offer this service in a city of with millions of people, and they are in downtown, where most people dislike drive to, because too many cars, too many people, too many crossroad and too many monitors .


Can you help me to buy train tickets?

Yes if you did real name authentication in China before;

Sorry we cannot because of the real-name system.

Will you pick up me?

Of course if pick up you in the railway station of our city;

If you mean pick up you in Beijing or shanghai, we would like to hire someone pick up you from airport and take you to train station if you do not mind to pay for this service, 40 -100 USD generally speaking.

What should I prepare for buy tickets?

Your passport is required and China dollar CHY/RMB;

how much the tickets will cost?

There are 3 classes of seat for select, take below table as sample, from Beijing to our city Xuzhou.

Class Seats in a row Price Ref. Image
Business 3
less people, most comfortable seats

First 4
recommend to most foreigners
Second 5
Cheap but crowded

What can I do if I failed to catch up the train?

Go to tickets hall ask is there another train today, change the travel date of ticket if not.

How Can I buy the right ticket?

Chinese city names hears same, e.g. our city named Xuzhou (sshjoy), another city name Suzhou (sojoy), to avoid this problem, we will share a PDF or JPG format docs to you in where shows the destination station in Chinese and date.

Common Quesiton

How about the internet in China?

Speed is ok, and free wifi is everywhere in city if you have installed “free wifi sharing App” from https://en.wifi.com , but Google, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Tweet, WhatsApp were blocked , you need a VPN to visit these services. meanwhile Skype, Hotmail, Bing and Yahoo is ok.

How much the cloth?

most clothes not expensive, but attention do not buy counterfeit clothes/shoes or your fake Nike shoes could be confiscated in airport. Some people try to elude this problem by tear off the brand, I don’t know is that ok.

How much the food?

  1. Chinese food will cost 2-10 USD.
  2. Fruit and snacks are not expensive, e.g. Apple needs 0.5 USD/KG in Xuzhou, but need 1.5 USD/KG in shanghai;
  3. One bottle water or coca cola just 0.3 USD;
  4. Fast food in KFC/ McDonalds one Hamburger need 1-2 USD.
    All in all you need not to worry about price but about the taste.

How much the taxi will cost?

In big city like Shanghai: 2.2USD+0.4USD/KM, generally speaking 30mins will cost 8-20USD. One of our clients was cheated 100USD for 20min in Shanghai, please care this.

How much hotel will cost?

Chain-Hotels usually cost 30 ~ 100 USD/DAY for a standard room which owns two single beds and one bathroom in different cities;

you can get a good hotel with just 50 USD even in Shanghai.

Attention foods and drinks in the room will charge additional fee; TV, Wi-Fi, shower, slipper, tower, toilet things are free. btw, beds in most hotel with soft mattress, confirm with them if you only like hard bed.

Star-hotels charge higher, but waiter and waitress can speak English.

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