Read below content will cost 15 mins, it is very important, if you have no time, just ask us offer CNF price of you favorite products to you, the price including shipping cost by sea from China to your nearest ocean port, but remember to find a local forwarder help you to figure out how much you will pay import duty, vat, and cost for clear customs.

Order Steps in Haswell Fitness

Select Products

You were encouraged to select gym products and submit the RFQ in this online shop, you will get PDF format quotation list by Email in 24 hours. Remember to register an account with your real Email address, a verify link will be sent to your inbox, just activate your ID by click it.

Tip: 3 methods to find gym products in this shop

  1. browse all categories one by one from top menu and click products lines list from right side menu
  2. search the gym products names in top right searching box
  3. According your exercise action and muscle, just Find the fitness equipment in the bottom of any page, we’re proud to tell you most of regular workout machines and accessories name was listing there, we have not find anyone else did same thing to help clients save time.


You will be asked finish a detailed form when submit RFQ, this form in order to collect requisite information which are very important to us to keep in touch with you and calculate best price for you.

Select Deal Terms

The details of Quotation List including and not only products code, ref. image, quantity, unit price and other items, please assure you understand below items before place order.

A: Currency
  • USD $, EUR €, JPY , GPB £, AUD $, CAD $, HKD , SGD ,
  • CNY ¥ (China Yuan, named RMB before), we strongly suggest clients select CNY if possible, CHY will help you avoid the risk of USD / EUR exchange rate floating. Please contact the biggest bank in your city to confirm does they have the CIPS (Cross-border Inter-bank Payment System) ,if yes then ask us for the receiver’s account.
B: Delivery term:

You need to find a freight forwarder / agent who will helps you to clear customs in your aim ocean port, show shipping cost to you.
tell them the HS code to figure out the import tax and other fees

950691 1900: gym equipment strength training machine
950691 1110: Treadmill
401691 0000: Rubber flooring

Responsibility of buyer and seller

Delivery termWhere to get goodsClear Customs in loading portClear Customs in aim portB/L will be sent to
EXWSeller's factory / warehouseBuyerBuyerBuyer
FOBChina ocean portSellerBuyerBuyer
CNF / CFR / CIFBuyer‘s aim ocean portSellerBuyerSeller
Door to door by ExpressBuyer indicated addressSellerBuyerN/A
FOB is most popular, 2nd popular is CNF with indicated forwarder by buyer

Cost of buyer and seller

Delivery termWho indicate ForwarderCHY FEEUSD FEE
FOBSeller or Buyer
If the forwarder was indicated by seller, the seller will
show aim port charge list to buyer.

If the forwarder was indicated by buyer, the indicated
forwarder must show loading port charge list details
to seller or the Quotation List invalid.
CNF / CFR / CIFSellerSellerSeller
Door to door by ExpressSellerSellerSeller
CHY Fee: including the cost of Clear China custom, warehouse entrance, and other items;
USD Fee: including Shipping Cost and Insurance cost.
FOB with buyer indicated forwarder is most popular method.

Learn more details from wikipedia.

C: Payment term:

Attention please

  • you will to add the transfer commission before transfer to us.
  • sorry, we do not support Installment it till now.
  • Above is the 1st step, back to top of this page to see the following steps.

You will get our bank account and other beneficary information from the PROFORMA INVOICE.


Attention please:

  1. Please finish transfering in three working days once you get final PI.
  2. Please share the photo of the bank slip to us so that we could arrange production schedule a.s.a.p.; First come first served.
  3. Remember to write the PI №. into Message to beneficiary.
  4. Buyer should burden the charges both of buyer’s bank and Intermediary / Correspondent Bank; please tell to your bank the money should reach to supplier’s account without any deduction when transfer.
  5. Without IBAN code which is only for Europe bank, Swift Code is international standard to all banks when transfer USD;
  6. U.S. dollar was not allowed to be transferred from North Korea, Sultan, Syria, Iran, Cuba and other countries or locations which in OFAC list to our account.

The receiver’s information is very important to us to booking shipment and issue bill of lading for you, please download one of below document, fullfill it and share it to us once you finish transfer.

Buyer’s information & demands.pdf or Buyer’s information & demands.doc

Once we’ve arranged the production, please do not try to add or delete product if possible, but supposed

  1. You want to add some products into the current order; the lead time would be put off, and 3 days at least generally speaking.
  2. You want to remove some products,
    no problem as soon as we have not produce it yet, meanwhile please learn the leading time will remain the same;
    in case the products almost finished, sorry we cannot cancel it, especially your ordered unique colors of frame or cushion. That is why the first step (confirm everything of the order) is so important.
  • We welcome buyer or the third-party inspection before we packing goods;
  • You will get real live photos from us if nobody comes here to inspect goods.

Regarding the balance payment

  1. FOB Term:
    You must pay the balance before we send products out.
    After the inspection, please kindly arrange balance payment in time so that we could finish packing, load the goods, and ship to you at first time;
    Generally speaking there is only one ship each week to most aim port, therefore the earlier you finish transfer the earlier we could get it shipped, or it will be delayed to next week, even 2-4 weeks if failed to booking shipment in time.
    You should pay earlier (7 days at least) than the estimate date of ship reach aim port so that we have enought time to send docs to you.
    You will be charged storage and additional fee if the container stay in ocean port warehouse more than 14 days for most country. and this fee will higher than you imaged.

We will keep products free of charge 4 weeks for you from the date production finished if it is not good time to you to arrange shipping, but we have to charge warehouse fee per week if exceed 4 weeks, e.g 3% of total amount per week. 

  1. We will packing products after you inspect good or confirm the photos. Meanwhile booking shipment for you, but we have to delay the delivery time if failed to get your money in time.
  2. Please learn that most China ocean port demands commodity reach in warehouse of port 5-7 days earlier than the shipping date.
  3. Please be sure to buy the ocean transport insurance for your goods, once it get damaged during shipping, you will get compensations from the shipping company.
  4. Please confirm you’ve shared the “buyer’s information & demands” in step 2 to us, do it now if have not !

The default docs you will get including

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Packing List
  3. Paper Bill of Lading (without this under Telegrah Release)

List it in  “buyer’s information & demands” (download from step 2) if you need other docs like

  1. Certificate of original
  2. Embassy Certification (eg: Egypt)
  3. Declaration Elements (eg: Russia)
Strength Training Machine

For Strength Training equipment

About 2% amount wearing-parts will be available for each full container order, such as pulley, cables.

  1. If Missing
    • After checking the loading video / photos records, if we found that we did not load this one, we will resend to you without any cost or return the corresponding money.
    • If proof founded that we did load the parts into container, please check it again, if you still cannot find it, we’d better negotiate this part in detail and find the best way.
  2. If Damaged
    we will help you to solve it as soon as possible according the situation,
  • Product unable to use for example main frame broken, we will resend new equipment without any cost, or we will refund the corresponding cost to you.
  • Small problems like Paint-shedding, scratching happened (We firmly believe that is all caused by un-propitiate transportation, since we have checked exactly before shipping), please kindly send us the pictures, perhaps we will offer discount based on the damaged conditions.
Aerobic Equipment

For Treadmills, Spinning bikes, Aerobic Equipment

Please kindly note that changing damaged parts is a complex, and time-consuming procedure, so please kindly keep patient and check exactly when it happened.

  1. If problem caused by un-appropriate operation, our sales will give you the soonest solution in 3 working days.
  2. If any parts does not work well, we will send you maintenance contract;

Once you believe it is quality problem, please send the part to us. (freight cost paid by your side in advance). We will check it once receive it, then

  • once confirms it is quality problem, you will get new replacment while return the freight cost back to you
  • If the parts you send do not have any problems, we will resend back to you, and please kindly note that we will not return the freight cost to you under this situation.
  • If exceed warranty period, you will need to pay both the replacement parts/accessories’ cost and freight cost.
  • If you need to extend the warranty period, we will charge extra fee annually eg 5% or 8% according your purchase items.